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    The partnership of EMG and Starladder

    Dubai’s biggest gaming and esports event organizer EMG in the Middle East is partnering with Starladder. 

    StarLadder exclusively manage esports production of EMG’s annual gaming and esports festival and deliver larger events with a wider range of tournament formats and game selection.  These esports events of EMG will attract young player,  fans business people from around the world to be the witnesses at the performances of the region’s best esports teams and professional gamers during 2023- 2025.  

    EMG at Global Esports Tour
    Credit: Global Esports Federation

    ‘Middle East and UAE in particular, is a rapidly developing esports market’ which is new style and new management of esports. 

    Earlier this summer more than 8,000 spectators attended EMG’s debut esports and pop-culture festival over a three-day period at Dubai World Trade Center with Starladder managing the broadcast production, as well as esports operations.

    Thousands of visitors watched the onstage playoffs of the international CS:GO competition with Ninjas in Pyjamas emerging as the eventual winners and taking the lion’s share of the USD 250,000  prize pool. Attendees enjoyed meet and greets with esports and anime legends while taking part in interactive gaming areas such as the PC gaming zone, the VR zone and football zones.

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    StarLadder – one of the largest global esports operators and content providers, have partnered to host a whole new class of esport events in the Middle East region. StarLadder has earned a respected reputation based on their track record of managing a diverse range of esports competitions around the globe over the last 20 years. These include such high-profile events as the Berlin CS:GO Major, Chongqing Dota2 Major, Star Series and the PUBG Continental Series in Europe, as well as Global Esports Tour Riyadh and Global Esports Tour Dubai in the Middle East region along with a series of white-label tournaments for world’s prominent game developers and publishers.

    Source: twoghub.com esmgt.com  

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