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    The International 11 dates, formats and new extensions

    The International 11 dates, formats and new extensions are revealed by Valve. which will be in Singapore.

    The International 11 will be staged in Singapore, first ever in Southeast Asia. A month-long tournament of pro Dota 2, with 30 teams battling to stay in The International 11.

    The International 11 will run in the form of a four-week competitions in a new format and updated schedule.

    The International 11 dates, formats and new extensions dota dragons blood

    The International 11 will run from October 8 to October 30 this year in the following three stages.

    From October 8 to 12, The Last Chance Qualifiers will be open to more teams due to the cancellation of the previous DPC score major and the absence of Chinese teams. At this stage, the teams ranked 2-3 in the regional qualifiers will be able to compete again.

    From October 15 to 18 Group stage, the qualified 20 teams divided into two groups will compete at this stage, the last two teams eliminated from each group.

    From October 20 to 23 The Play-Off will take place at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center with 6,850 seats. 

    From October 29 to 30 The Paly-Off Final Stage performances will take place at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore with a capacity of up to 12,000 people.

    The International 11

    This year’s TI differs from previous TI:

    • The return of the Wildcard stage at TI5 and TI6
    • The best 30 teams from around the world are participating at 
    • The longest TI in the history. (the competition lasted for 10 days mostly)
    • The finals take place in different stadiums with very quantity of seats.

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