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    PMGC 2021

    The best Sixteen teams from around the world, after their battle in the regions, are competing at the PMGC 2021 from 01.21-23 of 2022.

    Each team got the slots from the regional competitions. PMGC 2021 prize pool is nearly $3.5 million prize pool and the title of world champions.

    The grand finalist team will get the title and $1.5 million; the second and third places are will get $600,000 and $300,000. 

    To get the title of World Champions, the teams will play six matches everyday across Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok maps, for a total of 18 matches. Fans can watch and follow their teams and players on the official PUBG Mobile esports YouTube channel in 17 languages from 5am CT onwards each day. 

    The players will be using OnePlus smartphones for the finals, even some of them are playing from their homes due to the Corona virus restrictions. 

    One Plus with PMGC 2021

    Grand Finals Day 1: Map order

    The finals will start with a match on Erangel followed by the desert map Miramar. A total of 6 matches will be played each day, totaling 18 plays.

    • Match 1: Erangel 
    • Match 2: Miramar
    • Match 3: Sanhok 
    • Match 4: Erangel 
    • Match 5: Miramar
    • Match 6: Erangel 

    Mongolian team Stalwart esports are at the 4th place  after Day 1 matches with 14 eliminations and score of 29. 

    PMCG 2021
    Credit: MESA

    The finals will be streamed in 17 different languages on 13 PUBG Mobile Youtube channels. Caster Tuvshuun has been invited to stream the finals in Mongolian language. Additionally, there will be a giveaway when the viewers’ number reaches one million. OnePlus devices, along with in-game items and physical rewards, will be up for grabs.

    The participating teams 

    • DAMWON Gaming,
    • D’Xavier,
    • Stalwart Esports,
    • Nova Esports,
    • Nigma Galaxy,
    • Godlike Esports
    • Team Secret
    • 4Rivals
    • Kaos Next Ruya,
    • Natus Vincere,
    • Alpha7 esports
    • S2G Esports
    •  Fenebahce Esports
    • Furous Gaming
    • Six Two Eight
    • The Infinity
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