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    MESA ESF 2022 Dota2 -The Play Off stage is here for the best 4 team to get the right for IESF Championship. The game will be streamed live on MESA official YouTube channel with a caster Raigor 

    MESA ESF 2022 DOTA2 group stage matches had been held between 7 teams in the past few days and only the top 4 teams have been selected for the PLAY-OFF stage of the Electronic Sports Festival 2022. These teams will compete at  LAN FINAL of MESA ESF 2022, of course the best will get the right to battle at the International Esports Federation2022 in Bali with peers around the world. 

    The WINNER teams for the Play-Off of MESA ESF 2022 DOTA2:

    • 1. Team Lilgun
    • 2. Createx Esport
    • 3. Team Renewal
    • 4. Team Kobolds
    MESA ESF 2022 DOTA2

    A total of 8 teams are divided into A and B groups:

    Group A of MESA ESF 2022 Dota2

    -Team Renewal 



    -TNT Gaming 

    Group B

    -Team Lilgun 

    -Team ARAR 


    -Team Huskar 

    Invited teams:

    -Team Lilgun (sanctity-, 423, eleven, Ace12, khishigee) 

    -Team ARAR (Bell, Se, Hustla, Taburi, -) 

    -Team Renewal (Valky, mudi, fearless, seimei, Trill, 6066y) 

    -Kobolds (fortunesoul, Netikan, Skadi, Aagy, Marvel)

    Open Qualifier Advanced Teams: 

    -Create-X (Karma, Dak, JMouZ, Kn1fe, Tamybabyi0301) 

    -TNT Gaming (Starlight, Jun, Cobra, Nuker4B, Bat-UlziiAK, Sensei)

    -Team Huskar (Amkaazy, Rokke Losse, Mashiro, La Flame, Erdek, Narja), 

    -CHAMP (zifric, Nai-, SweeZy, diffusioN-, Chigo, XSO)

    The International Esports Federation  (IESF) has announced a total prize pool of $500,000 the World Esports Championships Finals, which has substantially increased 10 times in just one year, as it was $55,000 in 2021.

    MESA ESF 2022 DOTA2 TOURNAMENT Potemna Bali world Championship

    Hundreds of esports athletes from almost 120 countries of the world will compete in Bali, Indonesia at the 14th edition of the IESF World Championship. 

    The International Esports Federation was founded on August 8, 2008, by nine esports associations from DenmarkSouth KoreaGermanyAustriaBelgiumThe NetherlandsSwitzerlandVietnam and Taiwan, and held its first general meeting in November of the same year. The IESF currently united  111 member countries from five continents. IESF works to develop sustainable, responsible e-sports around the world and build an integrated ecosystem. The IESF Esports World Championship is the world’s largest multi-sport eSports event.

    For the second time in IESF history, Indonesia has been officially chosen as the city host of the IESF World Championship. Previously in 2016, the capital city of Jakarta played host to the 8th IeSF World Championship. 

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