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    IESF and GIRLGAMER will work together at the IESF 2022 World Championship.

    IESF and GIRLGAMER are partnering to host the first Women CS:GO tournament at the 14th World Esports Championships.

    The best female CS:GO players from around the world will compete at the regional qualifiers, and the top four teams will advance to the Finals in Bali, Indonesia, to compete on esports’ biggest stage, the 14th World Esports Championship.

    GIRLGAMER is the world’s first and only esports festival to celebrate and promote women’s competitiveness and relentlessness  in esports. GIRLGAMER hosts numerous events and festivals all around the world!

    IESF and GIRLGAMER are thrilled to see the results of their partnership.

    IESF Secretary General Boban Totovski said: “We are thrilled to be working with GIRLGAMER

    to continue expanding competitive opportunities for women in esports. Hosting the first CS:GO Tournament at the World Esports Championships Finals will be a historic moment for the entire World Esports Family and we can’t wait to work on even more initiatives together to create a more inclusive World Esports Family for generations to come.”

    GIRLGAMER Organizer Telmo Silva said: “Creating more opportunities for women has always been one of our goals at GIRLGAMER. With IESF we are taking a step forward and enabling these inspiring gamers to proudly represent their countries at the biggest world stage, which is the IESF World Championship.

    The Women CS:GO qualifiers will be announced soon. The WE Championships Finals will take place from December 1 to 12 and is set to be the largest and most geographically diverse instalment of the event to date with a record prize pool of $500,000.  

    Read more: at esportsnews.mn

    Source: IESF

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