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    FaZe Clan into metaverse

    FaZe Clan into metaverse – anounced North American gaming and esports organisation FaZe Clan a strategic partnership with The Sandbox, a leading decentralized gaming virtual world and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands.

    Faze Clan into metaverse’ partnership includes:

    • FaZe Clan into metaverse will develop a 12 by 12 virtual plot of the Sandbox metaverse, which called FaZe World. 
    • The two companies describe the world as ‘part virtual real estate and part amusement park’ and are planning to build digital infrastructure. 
    • FaZe and Sandbox will host virtual events, games and digital products in FaZe World, as well as work towards creating new revenue streams together within the FaZe Clan into metaverse partnership.
    • The plots surrounding the FaZe World will be purchasable by the public, giving users the chance to own a piece of virtual land next door to FaZe Clan. 
    • To mark the occasion, The Sandbox will hold a LAND sale to be announced later this year. The immersive experiences of FaZe World are slated for 2023.
    Faze Clan into metaverse
    Credit: FaZe Clan

    FaZe Clan (Nasdaq: FAZE), one of the world’s largest gaming and lifestyle organizations, comprising the industry’s leading content creators and esports teams.

    FaZe Clan is a digital-native lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture founded in 2010 by a group of kids on the internet, FaZe Clan was created for and by Gen Z and Millennials, and today operates across multiple verticals with transformative content, tier-one brand partnerships, a collective of notable talent, and fashion and consumer products. Reaching over 500 million followers across social platforms globally, FaZe Clan delivers a wide variety of entertainment spanning video blogs, lifestyle and branded content, gaming highlights and live streams of highly competitive gaming tournaments.

    FaZe Clan’s roster of more than 100 influential personalities consists of engaging content creators, esports professionals, world-class gamers and a mix of talent who go beyond the world of gaming, including NFL star Kyler FaZe K1 Murray, Lebron FaZe Bronny James Jr., Lil Yachty aka FaZe Boat, Offset aka FaZe Offset and Snoop Dogg aka FaZe Snoop. Its gaming division includes 11 competitive esports teams who have won 35 world championships. Faze Clan into metaverse project is a next big move.

    Sand Box
    Credit: Sandbox

    The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is one of the most popular virtual worlds, known for being the host to an array of digital real estate ventures. Notably, Animoca Brands has partnered with Adidas, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Gucci, metal band Avenged Sevenfold, The Rabbids, Gucci Vault, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Adidas, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Richie Hawtin, The Smurfs, Care Bears, Atari, ZEPETO, CryptoKitties, and more.

    These companies have their own plots in the metaverse and host activations there. Building on existing The Sandbox IP that has more than 40 million global installs on mobile, The Sandbox metaverse offers players and creators a decentralized and intuitive platform to create immersive 3D worlds and game experiences and to safely store trade, and monetize their creations. 

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