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    ESN weekly: September 18-25

    ESN weekly is a coverage of esports and gaming of Mongolia, Asia and the World.

    ESN weekly: in Mongolia

    MESA organized the MESA GEG edition tournament to select the Team Mongolia for GEG in Istanbul Turkey: 

    ·      Dota 2 female Ares Gaming  

    ·      Dota 2 male Kobolds SN

    ·      PUBG Mobile Mabetex E-Sports

    The Bawaan tournament

    17 teams competed for the championship at The Bawaan Tournament LAN held at the Event Hall, and the girls’ team from Stalwart esports won the first place and won a prize of 500,000₮. Fragger player STE Duka was also named MVP.

    At PMPL South Asia Spring 2022 , 4 Mongolian teams will compete at the Finale on September 30-October. 

    • Godlike Stalwart  655 (Mongolia)
    • Deadeyes Warriors 585 (Mongolia)
    • IHC Esports 584  (Mongolia)
    • Mabetex esports 394 (Mongolia)

    ESN weekly: in Asia

    Twenty invited teams from PMPL South Asia Spring 2022 are competing at the PMPL (PUBG Mobile Pro League) South Asia Fall starting from August 30. 

    The first 16 teams who can compete at the Finale on September 30-October 2. 

    • Godlike Stalwart  655 (Mongolia)
    • DRS Gaming 638 (Nepal)
    • Deadeyes Warriors 585 (Mongolia)
    • IHC Esports 584  (Mongolia)
    • Skylightz Gaming 578 (Nepal)
    • Deadeyes Guys 565 (Nepal)
    • High Voltage 547 (Nepal)
    • RAW Esports 462 (Nepal)
    • Elementrix 442 (Nepal)
    • Trained to kill 422 (Nepal)
    • Gremlin storm 416 (Nepal)
    • Wizzes Club 407 (Nepal)
    • Mabetex esports 394 (Mongolia)
    • 1952 team 376 (Nepal)
    • JyanMaara 374 (Nepal)
    • Venom Legends 371 (Nepal)

    The International Esports Federation (IESF) held the latest round of regional qualifiers for the upcoming World Esports Championships Finals. The Malaysia and Kazakhstan teams have advanced to the WE Championships Finals for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and PUBG Mobile, respectively.

    ESN weekly: in the World

    Esportscharts.com  highlieghted the peak of number of “True sight: The International 2022”

    • Overall statistics 349 907
    • Average viewers 247 494
    • Hours watched 474 363
    • Airtime 1h 55m
    • Views 1 918 380

    30 Teams in VCT 2023 Season

    Riot Games has officially announced 30 Teams in VCT (Valorant Championship Tour)  2023  season, with a similar format like League of Legends. 

    These 30 franchise team will be divided into three regional leagues. They are the Americas League, which features five teams from North America and five from South America. The EMEA League which features teams from all across Europe. The Pacific League which features 10 teams selected from Korea, Japan, and the greater APAC region.


    PUBG MOBILE version 2.2 is releasing an update that includes:

    • New map Nusa 
    • New game mode: “Gear Front Mode”
    • Many updates to Erangel locations and game mechanics

    About the*gameHERs

    the*gameHERs is a diverse, inclusive and equal rights organization for female gamers and streamers from all corners of the world online. This organization just concluded its Community voting for The GameHers award 2022. ESN weekly covers an introduction of the International and local organizations.

    Saudi Arabia reveals its esports strategy by 2030

    Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud unveiled the National Gaming and Esports Strategy on Thursday. The strategy points out:

    • a global hub for the gaming industry by 2030 
    • the creation of 39,000 new job opportunities by 2030.
    • production more than 30 competitive games in the Kingdom’s studios
    • becoming one of the top three countries containing the highest number of professional esports players.

    Gen.G announced a new partnership with the audio company Bose, as the “Official Audio Lifestyle Partner.« The partnership includes launching an original content series, “Musicians that Game,« that explores the authentic connection between gaming and music, highlighting DJs, gamers, and music artists with a passion for the two lifestyles. Additionally, Bose will be a supporting partner of Gen.G Tigers in the NBA 2K League.

    The US Department of Homeland Security has just issued a $700,000 grant to fund research that aims to determine how best to help monitor and prevent extremist activities stemming from video game communities. 

    The International Esports Federation (IESF) concluded a groundbreaking competition for the Female Feature Division CS:GO qualifiers, which saw Indonesia, Poland, Namibia, and Argentina move forward to secure their spot at the World Esports Championships Finals in Bali, Indonesia. The qualifiers were hosted online by IESF, and the finals tournament in Bali will feature a $50,000 total prize pool. Poland and Argentina came out on top of their respective region’s qualifiers.

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