Ням, 11 сар 27, 2022

    eFuse acquires Esports.GG, the esports and gaming media company 

    “eFuse acquires esports.gg” was announced today by the Columbus, Ohio – Esports infrastructure startup. 

    eFuse’s announcement is the third and largest to date trailing the purchase of the Collegiate Carball Association and College CoD in Q4 of 2021.  

    “In 2021, eFuse recorded so much growth across our branded eRena tournaments and league business that we acquired Esports.GG to help create a central destination for our jam-packed calendar,” said Matthew “MJB” Benson, CEO of eFuse. 

    While maintaining editorial independence Esports.GG will create contents that will cover  the latest details and the latest information for all of eFuse’s events.  

    That contents will be clearly labeled to be recognized the relationship between both brands for the community and the readers.

    eFuse acquires Esports.GG

    In the coming months, eFuse will be integrating their high school, collegiate, influencer and professional events onto the Esports.GG platform. eFuse will also be providing the Esports.GG team the opportunities and resources to cover international offline events and accelerate their esports careers.  

    eFuse acquires Esports.GG as its main media channel.

    esportsnews.mn is only website covers about esports in Mongolia.

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