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    2 Mongolian teams at the PUBGM Global Championship

    2 Mongolian teams: GodLike Stalwart placing fourth and IHC esports coming in fifth at the PUBGM Global Championship.

    The PMGC 2022 tournament in Jakarta was a major success, with teams from all over the world competing for a chance to be crowned champion.

    The Turkish team S2G Esports had an outstanding performance, earning first place with 190 points and a prize of $510K.

    The team from Nepal, DRS Gaming, took home second place with 158 points and a prize of $292K.

    The Brazilian team Alpha 7 came in third place, earning $217K in prize money.

    It’s also impressive to see the strong showing from the Mongolian teams, with GodLike Stalwart placing fourth and IHC esports coming in fifth.

    The player TOP from GodLike Stalwart was also recognized for his exceptional play, receiving the MVP and Gunslinger awards for the tournament. This was his second award from PMGC, showing that he is one of the most talented players in the competition.

    Overall, it seems like the tournament was exciting to watch and well-played by all the teams. Congratulations to the winner and all the teams that participated.

    1stS2G EsportsTurkey$510,000
    2ndDRS GamingNepal$292,000
    3rdAlpha7 EsportsBrazil$217,000
    4thGodlike StalwartsMongolia – India$200,000
    5thIHC esportsMongolia$151,000
    6thVampire EsportsThailand$150,000
    7thInco GamingBrazil$130,000
    8th4 Angry ManChina$150,000
    9thNova EsportsChina$147,500
    10thGeek FamMalaysia$150,000
    11thWolves EsportsChina$47,500
    12thBuriram United EsportsThailand$145,000
    13thTrained to KillNepal$132,500
    14thAlter Ego Limax-Indonesia$40,000
    15thFire FluxTurkey$127,500
    16thInfluence Chemin EsportsBrazil$130,000

    Within 16 world best teams 2 Mongolian teams are lined up at the top 5 squads.

    esportsnews.mn and liquipedia

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